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Find out how R&D Tax Credits can help your practice thrive.

We help healthcare businesses qualify for R&D tax credits.

The R&D Tax Credit was created to incentivize innovation and increase your profitability. Join more than 12 million American taxpayers from all industries who take advantage of the R&D tax credit every year. 

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Federal R&D Tax Credit

Recover upwards of 10 % of your R&D spend from the IRS. Qualified small businesses can offset payroll taxes up to $250,000 per year.

State R&D Tax Credit

Most states follow the federal method, allowing up to an additional 3 - 24% recovery of expenses. Knowing each state’s R&D tax credit model is where our team thrives!


We work with your accountant. 

R&D Authenticity

Most clinicians are developing care techniques in their practices. Dr. Tax Credit helps identify qualifying activities that satisfy R&D tax requirements and contribute meaningful information to your practice or industry.

Real Clinical Data

Ever wonder what really works? Our clinicians may choose to share real-world data from thousands of hands-on cases through our user-friendly app. R&D tax studies from Dr. Tax Credit can be posted to the National Institutes of Health website. Join one or more of many ongoing clinical trials - or let us build one around your innovative techniques. Learn more. 

Examples of R&D activity in Healthcare

  • Testing better, faster, easier, and more cost-effective processes & procedures

  • Testing and evaluating new or different materials used within procedures

  • Improving processing parameters

  • Research leading to publications

  • These improvements do not need to be new to your industry, only new to your practice

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How do I know if my projects qualify?

All activities must meet the requirements of The 4-Part Test in order to determine whether the associated project expenses can be included in the credit calculations.



The research must impart new or improved functionality, performance, reliability, or quality to a product, process, formulation, invention, software, or technique.



The activity undertaken must rely on the principles of “hard” sciences including physics, biology, engineering, chemistry, or computer science.


Eliminating Uncertainty

From the outset of the project, the development team must encounter technical uncertainty regarding the optimal design, methodology, or capability to achieve project specifications.



The activities constitute a process of experimentation with the intent to resolve the technical uncertainty through the systematic evaluation of alternate solutions.

The 4-Part Test is the most challenging and extensive part of any R&D Tax Credit Claim. It is imperative to have an experienced hand to ensure that your R&D Tax Credits are properly calculated and substantiated. Dr. Tax Credit has the tax experts you need to maximize your benefits.

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A Study in Precision

By reverse-engineering IRS audit techniques, we prepare a best-in-class Study to substantiate your company's eligibility for the Credit.

We speak IRS

Our accounting team has 20 years of experience preparing and auditing R&D tax credits

Dr. Tax Credit Guarantee

Should the IRS have any questions, our R&D experts will help you prepare a response. Learn more.

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