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Why Dr. Tax Credit?

It's all about our

Standard of Care

We approach every R&D Tax Study as if we had to defend it - much like you do with your patients.

It's one thing to identify research and development categories - another to develop the supporting documentation. We recognize two things:
  1. Most doctors spend part of their time in R&D qualifying activities, and
  2. Most doctors are too busy to put together the documentation that makes the credit a reality for their practice.
Our goal is to make the process as efficient as possible. We recognize how important your CPA may be to your decision process. That's why one of the first things we typically do is reach out and introduce ourselves to your accounting team. CPAs are our biggest referral source.
We work with office managers, bookkeepers, CPAs, etc. to get the payroll and other supporting documents wherever possible.  But that doesn't mean we don't need you.
As we help develop the supporting study, your description of care delivery, identification of examination differentials, and follow-up protocols are integral. We typically require 1-2 hours of your time on a phone call to get the required information. 
Our team generally takes it from there. 
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Our Process

We start with a quick interview to identify if the R&D Tax Credit is a good fit for your business.  If it looks like a good fit, we begin identifying qualifying research initiatives.

If the numbers look good, we reach out to your CPA to make sure that everyone is on board. These are generally very positive conversations. 

Once you have engaged our services, we leverage our experts on your behalf. We dive deeper into your systems and protocols, interview staff if needed, and evaluate profit and loss reports to generate all the tax forms you will need for Federal and State Credits. Our clients also receive a detailed R&D Report that connects your initiative to the IRS R&D requirements by evaluating your processes and the science involved.  

Dr. Tax Credit provides the following to every client:


  • We develop a detailed Tax Credit Study supporting your R&D Initiatives

  • We communicate with your CPA

  • We provide all the necessary tax forms

  • We provide strategies for Federal and State tax utilization

  • We stand behind our recommendation with IRS Support should the need arise

Management Team

Benjamin T. Dyches, DDS, JD

Ben founded Dr. Tax Credit, LLC and serves as its President. He graduated with emphases in microbiology and chemistry before going to dental school. Ben practiced dentistry for over a decade, working with thousands of patients and building multiple practices before going to law school, where he focused on business law, healthcare law, and alternative dispute resolution. 

Ben has a passion for helping doctors and healthcare companies. His background in the sciences, hands-on patient care, and business and legal experience all combine to make him a powerful advocate for healthcare. He maintains a private law practice called Aegis Lion.  

He lives in Utah with his family.


Gene Ross, CPA

Mr. Gene Ross provides accounting services for Dr. Tax Credit through Legacy CPAs, LLC. In 2016 Legacy CPAs, LLC was formed and Mr. Gene Ross became one of the three founders.

Gene has years of experience working with the R&D Tax Credit. He earned his CPA license from the University of New Mexico. With over 44 years of knowledge in the fields of income tax preparation, accounting, business consulting services and taxpayer representation, you can be sure he can find a resolution to most tax situations.

Gene enjoys spending time with his wife,  children, and grandchildren.

Scott Broadbent

Since 1999, Scott has specialized in retirement and investment services while helping clients secure and maximize their financial outcomes. He has tremendous knowledge and experience in creating sophisticated retirement strategies, often with the use of complex structures and tax strategies. Scott received his Bachelor’s degree in finance. Scott has been working with clients and local financial institutions, making a difference one client at a time. He takes pride in working closely with his clients as they take financial steps toward a brighter future.

Scott holds life and health insurance licenses in Utah as well as Series 7 and 65 securities registrations.