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Negative Online Reviews

For many dentists, that moment when you google yourself and find a negative review can push you right through all the stages of grief in a matter of moments:

Denial – “That can’t be about me, there must be some mistake.”

Anger – “Hey, I know who wrote that review. They were late, emotionally needy, and I gave them a huge discount – which they still never paid. This is absurd, my good name attacked – I’m suing.”

Bargaining – “I’ll reach out to the online rating system. I’m sure they’ll take the review down when they understand. If not, I’ll sue!”

Depression – “The process for disputing a review is lengthy and doesn’t even get the original review removed in most cases. Their online review site has a huge legal team.”

And finally, acceptance that this is just something you get to live with. Something that your patients, friends, and family get to see every time they look you up.

I’d love to be a ray of light and tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Unfortunately, due to legal precedent, fighting negative online reviews in court has largely become an exercise in futility. We’ll examine why, those rare scenarios when you may have a case, and alternatives to legal action that may help you out.