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Key Info About The National Practitioner Data Bank

NPDB reports can have a very serious impact on a practitioner’s career. The reports are available to state licensing boards, hospitals, health plans, and other health care entities looking to enter into employment or affiliation relationships with a practitioner. Not only are the reports available to these organizations, but also in some instances entities are required to query this information before hiring and/or engaging a practitioner. Once a report is entered into the database it stays forever. A negative report can lead to a credentialing denial, loss or limitation of licensure or privileges, increases in insurance premiums, and exclusion from health plans. This is often the final piece of a nightmare scenario for any physician facing a medical malpractice claim and/or adverse action licensure or privileges. Despite this reality, many physicians are unaware of several key facets of the statute that could help them avoid the reporting altogether, or at the very least, lessen the damage caused by a report. Below are six key things that every physician should know about all stages of the NPDB reporting process.

The 30-Day Rule

As evidenced by the extensive list above, there is little maneuverability in what must be reported to the NPDB.  When that reporting must occur, howe