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R&D Tax Credits by Industry

From orthodontics to wound care: the activities that qualify for R&D Tax Credits may surprise you

The research and development (R&D) tax credit was created to incentivize companies in numerous industries to keep innovative jobs here in the United States. See our industry- specific pages to learn more about qualification criteria – what your company is working on right now may be eligible for significant tax breaks.

Dental Care


Dentistry and dental specialties are adding technology in an unprecedented manner – from digital imaging devices to CAD-CAM labs and new materials, it’s up to the clinician to design implementation protocols, train staff, and evaluate care efficacy.  These steps all require significant investments in R&D.

Medical Practices

Medical Record Analysis

Bringing new procedures into your practice requires workflow, design, training, and case outcome evaluations – often with little clinically recognizable guidance. These steps all require significant investments in R&D

Software and Other Activities


Most stages of the software development process qualify as R&D, and software companies recoup some of the highest of their R&D expenditures compared to other industries. Planning, creating, improving, testing, and implementing are all qualifying activities

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